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We have over 60 buses travelling all over Ithaca and Tompkins County! Get your business advertisement on (or in) a TCAT bus and get seen by thousands of people EVERY day!

The TCAT Bus System

Downtown / Cornell
Downtown / Cornell Suburbs

TCAT bus ads WORK!

  • TCAT buses run every day, every week in Ithaca, around Cornell, Ithaca College, and throughout Tompkins County
  • Peak bus times coincide with peak business times! Ithaca traffic increasing means more eyes on your ad
  • One of the few mediums that deliver Cornell and Ithaca College reach on campus
  • Colorful and vibrant graphics capture real, authentic, and lasting impressions
  • Combined with radio advertising, transit ads deliver increased reach and frequency inside Ithaca and beyond for businesses


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What our customers are saying

“We love the transit ads. People see them everywhere!”

Dr. Elliott Rubenstein, Asthma & Allergy

“We love it!”

Jyl Dowd, Cancer Resource Center

“Everything looks great!”

Kevin Bargher, Maplewood Apartments

“I was driving this morning and saw it! Thank You!”

Linda Mikula, Hospicare

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